Rex the Cat
1999 - 3/7/2006
His time with me was short, only three years and three months, but in that time he gave all the love he had. 
Rex was an amazing companion.  He was a rescue, and so no one knew what kind of life he had up to the point that he moved in with me.  The rescue shelter had named him "Beau", but when I saw how regale he was I named him "Rex".
At first Rex hated Rocky, my dog, but he soon figured out that Rocky was harmless.  Disgusting, but harmless. 
Rex would always meet me at the gate when I got home from work.  He'd be sitting on the fence right by the gate, and he would jump down as I entered the gate and follow me to the front door, where he'd patiently wait for me to fumble around with the keys and open the door. 
About a year ago Rex came down with allergies that made him itch, and then about four months ago he developed problems with his digestive system and started losing weight.  He just withered away...
I miss my steadfast companion.  The pain of losing a loved one is so intense, but I try to remember that this pain is just a small fraction of the huge amount of joy that Rex gave me every day that he was here.
I wish I'd taken more pictures of him...
Happy trails, Rex.  You were the best.

All pictures were shot with a 1953 Stereo Realist.

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